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Making a Complaint

The Axess Group Pty Ltd (Axess) prides itself in complying with the legislation and guidelines that governs the collections industry and although we endeavour to keep complaints to a minimum they are at times an inevitable by-product of the industry.

We treat every complaint seriously and aim to handle every complaint in a way to provide a prompt and fair outcome to all involved.

To Our Customers

We are committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service and our aim is to ensure your experience with us is a positive one and exceeds your expectations.

If you feel dissatisfied at any time please bring it up with your account manager as soon as possible and we will try to resolve the issue for you on the spot. If we need to investigate further we will immediately acknowledge your complaint and aim to resolve this within 21 days.

We will keep you informed with regular updates throughout the resolution process.

We encourage an organisational culture that welcomes feedback and values complaints. A positive complaint management culture can produce beneficial outcomes for both consumers and firms, including:

(a) the opportunity to resolve complaints quickly and directly;
(b) the promotion of trusted relationships between the parties;
(c) improved levels of consumer confidence and satisfaction;
(d) greater understanding of the key drivers of complaints;
(e) the ability to identify emerging issues and inform product and service delivery improvements; and
(f) reduced AFCA and future remediation costs.

How To Make A Complaint:

A complaint can be lodged either verbally or in writing via telephone, fax, email, mail, in persson or via our website. These details are set out below:

Mail: Axess Group, Compliance Manager, PO Box 1003 Spring Hill QLD 4000

Telephone: The Compliance Manager – (07) 3834 3500 or 1800 429 377



Depending on how the complaint is lodged, this will determine how it is handled and the process that will be followed within the organisation.


We have different options available to you in order to support you should you require more assistance:

  • A translator, if English is not your first language
  • More flexibility with our process requirements.
  • Referral to community support services.

Verbal Complaints: How will my verbal complaint be handled?

Ordinarily a complaint would be made verbally during the course of a telephone conversation with one of our Account Representatives. If this is the case the Representative will endeavour to resolve the complaint during the course of the telephone call and if successful will note the file of the nature of the complaint and the details of the resolution. If however the Representative is unable to resolve the complaint then the complaint will be transferred to the Complaints Department who will also endeavour to resolve the complaint during the course of the telephone call. If they are able to then the Complaints Department will note the file of the complaint and details of the resolution.

Unfortunately not all complaints can be resolved over the telephone and if this is the case then the Complaints Department will investigate the complaint further before providing a response.

Written Complaints: How will my written complaint be handled?

When a written complaint is received, whether by email, fax or letter, it will be recorded within the relevant file and the Complaints Department will be notified. The Complaints Department will then acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 24 hours of receiving it or as soon as reasonably practical, by informing the complainant that the matter is being investigated and a response will be provided once an outcome has been reached.

Complaint Outcomes

Once the complaint, whether lodged verbally or in writing, has been investigated we will inform the complainant of the outcome of the investigation and whether the complaint has been accepted or rejected within 21 days. The outcome will be provided in writing informing you of:

(a) the final outcome of your complaint (either confirmation of actions taken by the firm to fully resolve the complaint or reasons for rejection or partial rejection of the complaint);
(b) your right to take the complaint to an External Dispute Resolution Scheme if they are not satisfied with our response; and
(c) the contact details for the External Dispute Resolution Scheme.

We are required to provide you a response within the relevant maximum Internal Dispute Resolution timeframe. However, there are certain circumstances where this cannot be achieved.

There must be no reasonable opportunity for us to provide the Internal Dispute Resolution response within the relevant maximum Internal Dispute Resolution timeframe because:

(a) resolution of the individual complaint is particularly complex; and/or
(b) circumstances beyond the our control are causing complaint management delays.

An example of a complex complaint is when your complaint is about a transaction or event that occurred more than six years ago and requires reconstruction of account information.

Examples of circumstances that may be beyond a financial firm’s control include when:

(a) the complainant is waiting on a medical appointment that the firm reasonably requires the complainant to attend;
(b) the complainant is unable to respond to the financial firm due to illness or absence; and
(c) information must be obtained from third parties to a complaint (excluding an authorised representative who is a party to the complaint)

Should a delay occur, before the relevant maximum Internal Dispute Resolution timeframe expires, will will give the complainant an ‘Internal Dispute Resolution delay notification’ that informs the complainant about:

(a) the reasons for the delay;
(b) their right to complain to AFCA if you are dissatisfied; and
(c) the contact details for AFCA.

What if I am unsatisfied with the outcome?

When Axess provides a response to a complaint we include detailed reasons as to why it has been accepted or rejected and included in the response will be what further avenues are available to the complainant should they disagree with the outcome. These avenues include the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).

What happens if I lodge a complaint with AFCA, OAIC or TIO?

If a complainant is unsatisfied with the response received from Axess and they choose to lodge a further complaint with an ombudsman or regulator then Axess will still handle the complaint however it will then he handled between Axess’ Complaints Department and the relevant ombudsman or regulator. They will make a final determination on the complaint and either accept or reject the complaint.

Helpful Tips for our Customers

You can help us to resolve your complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible by doing some preparation before making your complaint. The below information is provided as a guide to help you when making a complaint.

Make Notes

Do your best to recall the event or series of events that contributed to the complaint. Write down what happened, who you spoke with, on what day and at what time. Gather any supporting evidence you may have and submit it with your complaint.

Be Specific

When making a complaint ensure you understand exactly what the issues are and how they have affected you. This will enable us to better understand the problem and provide you with the best outcome faster.

Know what outcome you want

Think about the circumstances and tell us when you make your complaint what outcome would satisfy you.

Put it in writing

Although we are happy to accept complaints by telephone, making your complaint in writing is the most effective way.

Be patient 

We are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service. If you are dissatisfied with our service it’s important to us that you make us aware of the problem so we can take action. Generally we can resolve issues quite quickly however at times complex situations will require further investigation. Be assured that resolving your complaint is as important to us as it is to you.

Your complaint will be acknowledged as soon as we have received it. You will receive acknowledgement via the same method in which the complaint was made (i.e. if you made your complaint in writing you will receive written acknowledgement of the complaint etc.). We will always endeavour to resolve complaints within 21 days. We will provide you with updates throughout the resolution process, however please feel free to contact us if you would like additional updates or if you have any other questions during the process.

Once we have determined a resolution to your complaint you will be notified of the resolution via the same method the complaint was made (i.e. if your complaint was made in writing you will receive your resolution in writing). If we are unable to resolve your complaint or you are unhappy with our response or the outcome you can raise a dispute with the below services.

Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman (TIO)

1800 062 058 –

Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

1800 931 678 –

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)

1300 363 992 –

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